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Mint Arrow Messages

Apr 8, 2019

Today I interviewed my friend Hilary Sloan who’s an incredible advocate for animal rescuing and the human behind the ultra popular Instagram account @ellabeanthedog. Hilary has fostered countless dogs and rescued three darling dogs starting with Ella Bean, followed by Coconut Bean and most recently Fifi Von Bean.

Hilary and I talk through her story of finding and falling in love with Ella, Coconut and Fifi, the challenges they’ve overcome together, and what it’s like to adopt a dog.

But most importantly, Hilary educates me on why "adopt don't shop" is such an important movement and not just a cute hashtag, what we need to do better as a society to put an end to puppy mills and even what the best practices are if you’re buying from a respectable breeder. 

I can’t wait for you guys to learn from and be inspired by my friend Hilary and her furry little family.