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Mint Arrow Messages

Jan 13, 2020

Mindy McKnight is a wife, mom of 6 and CEO of the multi-million subscriber YouTube channel Cute Girls Hairstyles. Mindy pioneered YouTube and has raised teenagers and little kids through a digital age and picked up all kinds of knowledge and wisdom along the way. Today she shares with me her best tips on raising kids in a technology-driven world including things like cell phone contracts, what age she recommends to give a kid a phone, how to stay in the loop on what they're going through and understand the newest apps coming out, how she's adjusted for each kid in her family including one who has autism, and what to do when things don't go as planned with teens and tech.


Show Notes:


Mindy’s book- Viral Parenting

Instagram- @mindymcknight

YouTube Channel- Cute Girls Hairstyles


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