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Mint Arrow Messages

Nov 29, 2021

A few years ago I stumbled upon a talk called “Gifts of Love” that completely changed the way I think of gift giving during the Christmas season. Today we're sharing some highlights and cliff-notes from that talk and why we feel like it's so powerful and true. We're talking about the calendar system that our family uses to make sure we're keeping Christ in the center of our Christmas each day, by doing very small and simple acts of service. And I'm sharing live with Neil, for the first time this year, the gift that I've tried to give to Jesus, and to my family, by trying to overcome a character weakness of mine and improve personally in this one way to try to become more like Jesus.


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Time Stamps:

[01:26] - Corrine and Neil are excited for the holiday season. What do these special end-of-year holidays mean to them?

[03:42] - Let’s talk about how to know if you’re giving a good gift. Corrine references a talk by Henry B. Eyring.

[06:08] - Expert givers let their receivers sense that their sacrifice brings them joy.

[08:30] - Neil recalls an amazing gift in a time when his family needed a kind gesture.

[10:58] - What does it mean to give your time?

[12:30] - Here is where you can find small ideas on giving gifts each day.

[14:06] - Corrine and Neil talk about sending cheer through giving machines.

[16:43] - Make giving easier by following gift ideas that are laid out.

[19:10] - How can you make gift giving special for kids without overdoing it?

[21:22] - Some parents create unrealistic expectations around gifts for their kids.

[24:04] - Corrine reminisces on the car she got as a gift and compares it to the gifts of her friends.

[26:54] - Here is how you can involve kids in gift-giving.

[29:01] - Corrine gives an example of her own mother using a strategy to get the family to participate in giving.

[31:39] - Corrine explains her feelings about giving a gift to Jesus.

[33:24] - Corrine shares what her gift to Jesus was this year. She starts with why she struggled to choose a gift.

[36:11] - Corrine shares what her gift to Jesus was this year. What clicked that inspired this year’s gift?

[38:34] - Neil gives his thoughts after finding out about Corrine’s gift.

[40:20] - Corrine talks about the idea that you can give gifts bit by bit as a reflection of the Savior.

[42:44] - Neil reminds everyone that the ability to choose is a gift. What does your gift-giving say about your agency?

[44:28] - Do one little thing each day when you can.


Supporting Resources:

Light the World: Find ways to give and serve on giving Tuesday and in the month of December.

Find a giving machine 

“Gifts of Love: A Christmas Message” Talk by Henry B. Eyring