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May 24, 2021

Today, Neil and I are sharing some thoughts and ideas on how to make your home a safe haven from the craziness of the world. We talk about this concept of our homes being a holy place as well as our responsibility to make our home special. 

We’re sharing some of the things we loved from the homes we grew up in, and some of the traditions we’ve started in our own little family. It’s never too late to start incorporating these family traditions into your home as well – creating lasting memories, providing grounding experience, and bringing a good, happy spirit into your home. 

We also reflect back on some of the things we learned through COVID and what we’re continually trying to do to make our home a safe and peaceful place. And when we strive to do that in our house amid the craziness and imperfection of it, God does something miraculous.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • When the Lord warns us about the perils of the last days, he counsels us.
  • As our ability to gather in churches has been restricted to varying degrees, one of the holiest places on earth is the home.
  • Part of making our home as a holy place is by using our living room as our home church.
  • Being able to have the Sacrament(of bread and water) in your home is specifically tied to Jesus Christ and it makes it more powerful and special.
  • The present restrictions on gathering will eventually end. However, your commitment to make your home your primary sanctuary of faith should never end.
  • Decorate your home in a way that feels peaceful, you’re drawing the Spirit in, and it really feels like home. 
  • Pictures also help make kids feel secure, solidifies memories for them, and makes them feel like they belong, and they are part of something. 
  • Having a picture of Christ in your home has a grounding effect, you're more spiritually connected, and it changes the feel in your house.
  • Food such as Sunday dinners and other family traditions make lasting memories. They make people feel secure and like they're part of something. 
  • Praying as a family solidifies the unity, spiritually speaking, as well as family scripture study.
  • Another way to turn your home into a safe sanctuary is by working on your personal growth and overcoming character weaknesses. Make people in your home feel loved.

Supporting Resources:

“What We Are Learning and Will Never Forget” Talk by Russell M. Nelson

“The Finest Homes” Talk By L. Whitney Clayton

Episode 120: Mark Mabry: Being Led to Reflections of Christ 


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