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Oct 5, 2020

Jennifer Anderson is a mom, wife, registered dietitian, and creator behind the brand Kids Eat in Color. When Jennifer was a new mom, she learned that feeding kids is sometimes tricky. When her first kid fell off the growth chart, she realized how much effort can go into feeding a child.

With a Master’s of Science in Public Health, in International Health and Human Nutrition from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Jennifer completed her dietetics coursework through the University of Northern Colorado. Through the same institution, she organized her own dietetic internship, focusing on policy and organizational management in the Washington DC metro area.

Jennifer is passionate about teaching parents that they’re doing a great job – regardless of whether their kids eat their veggies (or whatever food) today – and to enjoy their kids and their mealtimes instead of feeling angry, defeated, and frustrated. 

Today, Jennifer shares some wonderful insights into how we, as parents, can improve our child’s feeding while holding a loving, firm boundary around meals, and how we can feel more connected to our kids – because our connection to our family and our children is so much more important than whether they eat a carrot or not!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • First foods you can introduce to babies and how to prevent picky eating
  • The importance of high-iron foods
  • What happens when your child doesn’t eat what you put on the table?
  • How to teach kids to eat more than just comfort food
  • Snacking tips and giving bedtime snacks
  • Not using food as a punishment or reward
  • What degrades progress towards picky eating
  • How to offer dessert and why you need to get them off the pedestal
  • The chocolate chip or M&M experiment to diminish kids’ obsession with treats 
  • The importance of having a detailed meal plan and sticking with it
  • Incorporating vegetables and introducing new things
  • Other common issues parents are struggling with
  • How to improve food security in your child’s feeding
  • Where to find food resources when you don’t have enough food for your family
  • The impact of family meals on your kids’ growth

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