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Oct 21, 2019

If you're into business podcasts or online business websites you've proooobably heard of Pat Flynn, the host of Smart Passive Income and blogger at But have you heard his story of losing his job in 2008 like so many other Americans, and what he did to catapult his entrepreneurial career after that job loss? Today Pat shares his candid experience of job loss, how he picked himself up after that blow and decided to take action, and where that action has led him over the past 11 years. He shares some incredible wisdom and inspiring advice for anyone who feels a little timid about what they might have to offer the online world, how you DON'T have to be the most credentialed expert in your field, and even how that may be to your advantage to be just a step or two ahead of someone else wanting to do what you've done. I came away totally inspired from this interview and I know you guys are going to walk away uplifted and inspired by this interview too.

Show Notes: 


Pat’s blog


SuperFans- Pat’s new book


Smart Passive Income


Pat Flynn YouTube channel


Social Channels: Instagram @patflynn, Twitter @patflynn, FB


Kevin Kelly 1,000 True Fans article


Internet Business Mastery Podcast


Pencils of Promise


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