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Mint Arrow Messages

Dec 2, 2019

Today Neil and I talk all about what the #LightTheWorld campaign has meant to our family over the past several Christmas seasons, some of the good we've been able to be part of and how easy it is to get involved, no matter WHAT faith you belong to. We share some personal experiences and my strong personal philosophy of WHY social media exists, and the power of doing a little good on the internet and how far that can go to change lives. We talk about some favorite memories of #LightTheWorld service days and some of the things we're excited to do this year. If you want to join us you can go to to find a calendar of 25 very simple ways you can serve in the 25 days of the Christmas season, and even sign up to get simple text alerts each day reminding you what that day's theme is. We hope you will join us in making this year the best Christmas ever by bringing Christ back into the true reason for the season.

Show Notes:

Natalie and Ryan’s conversion story video

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