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Nov 8, 2021

A couple months ago, I found myself in Mexico COVERED in bug bites! They were so bad I literally couldn't sleep. So I asked my Instagram besties for the kind you ask when you're desperate for any solution. And one girl told me to go to the Instagram account Phil's My Pharmacist to look up his bug bite hack. And the next thing I knew, I was mixing up some really random stuff in my hotel bathroom and putting this pink paste all over my body. But it worked!! So I posted a little thank you video to Phil on Instagram, and that was the start of an awesome friendship with Phil's My Pharmacist.

Today I sit down with Phil to ask him all about his journey to becoming a pharmacist, why he wanted to do this as a career, and what some of the most rewarding things are about being a pharmacist. He talks to me about mental health, not judging others, how a good pharmacist will present you with over-the-counter options and education and let you decide, and some really solid advice about self-love and acceptance. He also talked to me about the best plan for taking opiates (after a surgery or when absolutely necessary) if you know you're prone to addiction, and how to safe-guard yourself from going into a dangerous situation that could lead to addiction. If you're not already Insta-friends with Phil and he's not your pharmacist yet, he probably will be by the end of this interview.


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Time Stamps:

[01:20] - Corrine talks about how she became friends with Phil's My Pharmacist.

[02:50] - Phil says he originally pursued being a doctor. He says this incident was a sign that he should seek another path.

[05:43] - Once Phil switched over to pharmacy school, did he love the programs?

[07:45] - Phil values an approach of telling people “what they can do” instead of “what to do”.

[10:26] - Being accessible to the community as a pharmacist helps everyone be informed. What are Phil’s thoughts on the generous interactions between pharmacists and community members?

[12:25] - Corrine shares a story about the time during her pregnancy where a pharmacist helped her address a bad cold.

[14:11] - What are Phil’s thoughts on the usage of essential oils?

[15:59] - Phil shares his encouraging thoughts on why people should let go of stigmas surrounding mental health.

[17:38] - Corrine opens up as she reflects on her journey of including medicine in her mental health care.

[20:04] - Corrine and Phil admire the strength and courage required to take ownership of mental health.

[21:48] - Different from a few decades ago, kids of today are exposed to a lot more, which impacts the mental health of youth. 

[23:57] - How can we help kids deal with anxiety? Can kids move past anxiety by acknowledging the feeling is there?

[26:48] - Accept all feelings, and teach people to deal with the feelings.

[28:08] - Connecting a mental health approach to addressing drug addiction is the way that Phil imagines we can “rehumanize” how individuals are treated.

[30:56] - Addiction is more connected to escapism than euphoria.

[34:11] - Phil breaks down his suggestions for painkiller management for people concerned about possible addiction.

[36:34] - What is the backstory that influences painkiller usage and pain tolerance in the medical field?

[39:34] - As a community pharmacist, Phil knows a lot of personal information on his community members. Does it ever get awkward with his friends?

[42:34] - Did Phil figure out a new remedy for keratosis pilaris? 

[45:22] - Phil gives his list of items every household should have in relation to health and medicine.

[48:22] - No one can like you more than you like yourself.

[49:46] - Keep a look out for Phil's My Pharmacist!


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