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Mint Arrow Messages

Mar 30, 2020

This episode was recorded several weeks before COVID-19 became the hot-topic global issue that we're now living in, but in some ways it makes the content even more applicable to what we're facing currently. In today's episode, I interview twin sisters, moms, political junkies, former White House and Capitol Hill staffers Andrea Reeve and Brittany Richman who are both incredibly passionate about American politics. Andrea and Brittany answer some of my toughest questions about how to get the very most well-rounded and credible news sources to form your own opinions, how to talk to your kids about politics, how to be good citizens and neighbors, how to talk about things that matter with people you love without becoming contentious, and why it matters SO MUCH to be informed with our country. I really believe you'll find so many takeaways that will help all of us navigate these current uncharted waters with the rapid changes we're seeing in our country, now and leading up to an election year.


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Show Notes:


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Book recommendation “You Learn by Living” by Eleanore Roosevelt  

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