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Mint Arrow Messages

Sep 7, 2020

In a nod to Labor Day, Neil and I decided to focus today’s discussion on the value of hard work. We share stories about learning to work hard, and lots of favorite quotations on the principle of work and the payoff you reap from your effort with anything in life. I dive a little deeper into what life looked like as I tried to become a piano prodigy from the age of 10-18 and Neil shares some of his most impactful takeaways from the years he worked serving as a missionary for our church.


Show Notes:


“Stick to your task” Quoted by Thomas S. Monson


“If you want a thing bad enough…” Quoted in a talk by Vaughn J. Featherstone


Gordon B. Hinckley “I believe in the gospel of work...)


Book “Standing for Something” Gordon B. Hinckley


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