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Jul 27, 2020

Tim Ballard serves as the co-chair of the White House Public-Private Advisory Council to End Human Trafficking, and is the CEO and founder of the nonprofit organization operation Underground Railroad which saves kids from human trafficking. Tim’s mission in life is to end human trafficking and allow victims to receive the treatment necessary for healing. Human trafficking or modern day slavery, is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world, it’s a 153-Billion-dollar industry. 


Today Tim sits down with me to talk through this issue and share some of the ways you can be involved in saving kids from human trafficking. He shares stories of faith and miracles and what the ONE THING is he believes would completely change the world for better, and his answer might surprise you. He talks about how you can get loud to help save the kids on July 30 for world anti human trafficking day. You can learn more about what Tim and OUR rescue are doing by going to or by texting HELPTHEM to 51555.


Show Notes:


Operation Underground Railroad website 


Instagram @ourrescue


Tim’s personal Instagram @timballard89


Text “help them” to 51555 for current updates from O.U.R. 


Produced by Dear Media