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Aug 10, 2020

Kris Jenkins works for the Salt Lake Fire Department as a firefighter, paramedic and as a registered nurse for a Salt Lake hospital Emergency Room. Kris and I went to high school together and I found out on our 2003 facebook reunion page about his heroic effort to leave his family for a month and volunteer during the height of the pandemic in New York. Today Kris shares his inspiring story of why he felt compelled to go volunteer in New York as a nurse, what it was like to work every single day for a month straight with only ONE day off, how he was reassigned immediately upon arrival from the ER to the ICU where every single patient he cared for was fighting for their life with Covid-19. I came away from this interview with so much gratitude and a deeper appreciation for all the health heroes who have been on the front-lines of fighting coronavirus this year and I hope you will too. for 20% off an annual subscription plus a FREE thermometer! 


Show Notes:

Chris’ blog about his experience as a Nurse in NYC


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