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Mint Arrow Messages

Jan 10, 2022

Do you know the actual definition of the word priority? I didn't, until I read a book a few years back that taught me! Today we're breaking down what it really means to set a priority and how we make clear priorities in our lives. We share how to make priorities in business, in family, in personal progress, and in every aspect of your life in order to accomplish the things that really matter most.


Time Stamps:

[00:30] - Do you know the true meaning of the word “priority”?

[02:57] - Corrine explores the possible misconception of what is considered a priority.

[04:34] - You can choose the number one priority that rises above all other things.

[07:19] - Knowing the priority helps guide decision-making and alignment.

[09:05] - Each area of life can have its own top priority. 

[11:53] - Everyone has their own mapping that they use to guide their life and having a shared priority can create common ground.

[13:21] - Neil explores the importance behind the idea of priority in spirituality.

[15:22] - You can choose some aspects of your life to improve.

[17:29] - Corrine and Neil discuss moving family and work around the main priority in life.

[20:32] - How can you protect your plans and what you choose as your priority?

[22:48] - Corrine and Neil talk about priority balanced by relationships.

[24:50] - Are you intentional enough to notice when there’s a crossroad challenging your sense of priority?

[27:39] - Keep the “first things” first.

[29:32] - Here is Corrine’s method for figuring out the top priority. PART 1.

[31:12] - Here is Corrine’s method for figuring out the top priority. PART 2.

[33:44] - Listen to Neil’s method for figuring out the top priority.

[35:23] - Corrine shares her thoughts on how having a top priority makes everything else work.

[37:57] - Corrine and Neil express their takeaways of priority, faith, and spirituality.


Supporting Resources:

“Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” Book by Greg McKeown

“Make Time for the Lord” Talk by Russell M. Nelson

“Three Choices” Talk by Joseph B. Wirthlin

“For Him” Talk by Joy D. Jones