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Aug 23, 2021

If you have kids, and especially if you have kids who are nearing double digit age (like us!) then you’ve probably asked yourself, “When DO we want to give our kids a phone? When is the best time?” Well even though Neil and I would like to stick with “never,” we know it’s an inevitable crossroad, so today I’m sitting down with Bill Brady, CEO and founder Troomi Wireless, to talk alllll about the nitty gritty of giving kids phones and most importantly, how to do it safely. We check off all my questions, including when it’s necessary and how to make sure you’re doing it safely. I also grill Bill pretty hard on just how safe his phone is, whether it’s hackable, what the workarounds are that kids might discover, and I don’t hold back on some differing opinions about devices, social media, and impact on kids. I think you’re really going to enjoy this episode and if you do find yourself convinced you’ll want a Troomi phone for your kids (now or down the road), Bill was nice enough to give us the discount code mintarrow for $50 off any of their phones.


Time Stamps:

[01:40] - We’re talking about safely giving your kids a phone by speaking with the CEO of Troomi Wireless, Bill Brady.

[03:21] - Brady shares a friend’s story of how giving a young person a phone took a difficult turn. 

[05:31] - There’s a lot of emotion, influence, and access that comes with cell phones that parents may not be fully aware of.

[07:30] - When is it appropriate to give a kid a phone?

[09:23] - Brady suggests that parents use a gradual approach to exposing pre-teens to personal devices.

[10:57] - For a starting point, Brady advises parents to put emphasis on responsibility within limited features.

[13:18] - What is the difference between a Troomi cell phone and a Gizmo watch?

[15:31] - Prepare your kids to have a healthy management style of technology before they enter the real world.

[17:38] - Troomi contains these helpful, real-time features to monitor kids.

[19:35] - Brady describes what makes Troomi different from similar options in the same field.

[22:38] - How does Brady feel about games on phones?

[25:10] - Brady explains how Troomi ended up accepting games on their cell phone. He then talks about the flexibility Troomi gives to varying parenting styles.

[27:54] - Phones can be a benefit for the safety of kids and can help keep communication open in times of need.

[29:55] - Brady speaks about how kids are figuring out how to hack average cell phones. How does Troomi solve this concern?

[32:33] - Troomi also combats the loopholes of the open web and domains.

[34:53] - Why does Troomi allow games and not social media?

[36:51] - For dealing with social media, the major point comes down to: “Where do you get your validation?”

[39:37] - As you make decisions about your kids and technology, stay intentional.


Supporting Resources:

Troomi website 


Instagram @troomiwireless 

Go to and enter in promo code mintarrow to get $50 off a troomi phone.